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Selena Gomez’s Voice Brings A Man Back To Life In Kygo’s “It Ain’t Me” Video

Selena Gomez's Voice Brings A Man Back To Life In Kygo's It Ain't Me VideoSelena Gomez skipped out on the new music video for “It Ain’t Me,” her collab with Norwegian DJ Kygo. Even though she wasn’t in it, Selena’s voice did have a major role. It helped save a man’s life.

When a motorcyclist and his partner crash, he enters a coma. The Selena-lookalike stays by his bedside as doctors attempt to revive him. Meanwhile, he’s wandering through some colorful and scary imagery.

Eventually, Selena’s voice–and her doppelgänger’s dance moves–make a difference.

Watch the visual for “It Ain’t Me” below.

(Photo credit: Vogue YouTube account)

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“It Ain’t Me” Writer Claims Selena Gomez Is An “Old Soul With A Beautiful Baby Face”

Selena Gomez is an old soulAli Tamposi is the writer behind Selena Gomez’s latest single, and Kygo collaboration, “It Ain’t Me.” In a recent interview, the songwrtier revealed why Selena was the right choice to sing her song. “Society puts – especially for a woman – pressures that we have to be in a relationship in order to feel validated,” the writer tells Billboard, mimicking Selena’s AMA acceptance speech.

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Selenators Rejoice: Selena Gomez Has Registered A New Song

Selanators Rejoice: Selena Gomez Registered A New SongSelena Gomez’s collaboration with Paulina Rubio might not be the only new Selena track to look forward to this year. A song was registered through ASCAP recently listing Selena as the performer. The track is called “It Ain’t Me” and the writing credits hint at something worth dancing to. Kyree Gorvell-Dahll, the Norwegian DJ better known as Kygo, is listed under Selena as one of several writers. Brian Lee, Ali Tamposi and Andrew Watt are also affiliated with the elusive track.

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