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After 10 Years Find Out What Zoey Really Thought About Chase In Zoey 101

Zoey 101Ten years ago, “Zoey 101″ aired an episode in which the group at Pacific Coast Academy all contributed to a time capsule for the benefit of their future selves. Zoey, played by Jaime Lynn Spears, decides to make a special DVD explaining all her thoughts on her friends. Chase, being head-over-heels in love with her, almost digs up the capsule desperate to know how Zoey really feels about him. In the end, though, Chase’s conscience wins out and he decides to leave the capsule buried.

Flash forward to yesterday. The director of the show, Dan Schneider, took to Twitter and started teasing fans with a special announcement. By time he finished everyone who grew up watching the antics at PCA knew exactly what was happening – fans were going to get to see what Zoey had to say about Chase after all.

Dan Schneider Zoey 101 Tweet 1Dan Schneider Zoey 101 Tweet 2Dan Schneider Zoey 101 Tweet 3Dan Schneider Zoey 101 Tweet 4In the short clip, a decade has passed and Chase is in the middle of proposing to a new girlfriend, Alyssa, when childhood friend Michael bursts in on him covered in dirt. Michael explains to Chase that he went back to PCA and dug up the almost forgotten DVD.

View the surprise clip below to finally find out what Zoey had to say about Chase.

Was it worth the wait?

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