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What Is DNCE? The Answer To A Question On “Jeopardy” Now

What Is DNCE? A Questions On Jeopardy Now featureDNCE is a bunch of pop culture nuts. Maybe that explains why the band went into all-caps freakout mode over its latest appearance in the limelight. DNCE was an answer–a.k.a. a question–on the TV trivia show “Jeopardy” on Monday night and the group expressed its excitement on social media.

“WOAH HONORED & SURPRISED TO BE AN ANSWER ON @jeopardy TONIGHT,” the band wrote in a caption on Instagram. DNCE’s question was just the latest meme-worthy moment to come out of the ongoing Teen Tournament for “Jeopardy.”

Whether or not Alex Trebek prefers “Body Moves” or “Be Mean” for his pre-show ritual still remains a mystery.

(Photo credits: DNCE Instagram and Twitter accounts)

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