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Bella Thorne Stands Up for Old Friend Jimmy Bennett, Says She’s Done With #MeToo Movement

Bella Thorne MeTooBella Thorne came out blasting Asia Argento and the entire #MeToo movement after seeing news that Asia’s legal team will reportedly be trying to make a case that child actor Jimmy Bennett was not a victim, but actually the perpetrator of a sexual assault years ago on the much older actress.

Bella tweeted a link to a story on Deadline.com about Asia’s aggressive new legal strategy and called the reformulated attempts to blame Jimmy “gross:”   Continue Reading →


Bella Thorne Shares Her Election Reaction After Her Ex Calls Her During An Interview

Bella Thorne Shares Her Election Reaction After An Ex Calls Her During An Interview FeatureBella Thorne got an unexpected chance to voice her opinion on the election when an ex-boyfriend called her live from a podcast interview. After some probing and off-color questions from interviewer Jake Brown, Bella’s ex Jimmy Bennett gave her a ring. While the two haven’t dated since Bella was 14, Bella was pretty friendly with Jimmy and he even got her to discuss her reaction to Donald Trump’s win.

“I don’t really talk about politics. I don’t really get into it much,” Bella says. “Obviously, it wasn’t the best news.” Bella went on to say that she was bummed out by the feeling that prejudice and division played a big part in the election.

“Our world is still really sexist and racist and people–we just aren’t united,” Bella explains. “It’s just really sad to see that the world–everybody says it keeps changing, but yet it’s still staying the same.”

Listen to the entire podcast with Bella’s brief phone call here. Check out her tweet with a similar sentiment below.

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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