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Ariana Grande and her Mom Have Had Enough of a UK TV Personality Trashing Little Mix

Ariana Grande Little MixAriana Grande and her mother Joan Grande have Little Mix’s collective backs. Today, the two women showed that they are absolutely not having men trash Little Mix for showing their bodies in their recent video for the song, “Strip.”

The controversy started when morning news presenter Piers Morgan went after Little Mix on his UK television show for the girl group’s decision to pose nude in the video for “Strip.” While he wasn’t the only UK on-air personality to criticize the group’s naked shoot, Piers — who has frequently been criticized in the past for holding male chauvinist views — seemed to especially enjoy mocking Little Mix on national TV for “using sex to sell records.”

The battle only escalated when Little Mix member Jesy Nelson responded by calling Piers a Continue Reading →

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Horror In Las Vegas: Rihanna, Gigi Hadid And More React To The Deadliest Mass Shooting In American History

Horror In Las Vegas- Rihanna, Gigi Hadid And More React To The Deadliest Mass Shooting In American History featureDetails are still emerging from Las Vegas Monday morning, where police say 50 are dead and over 400 are injured after a man began firing on a music festival from a hotel window. Police found a suspect, identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, dead in a 32nd floor hotel room, where they say 10 rifles were laid out.

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Florida Police Set Up Shop Outside The Home Of Ariana Grande’s Mom

Florida Police Are Stationed Outside Of Ariana Grande's Mom's House featureAriana Grande returned to her native Florida shortly after the bombing at her Manchester concert. The singer has been spending time with loved ones since returning to Boca Raton, and new reports indicate that friends and family aren’t the only things surrounding Ariana. Some extra muscle has joined the security detail around her mom’s house.

TMZ reports that, in addition to the extra security Joan Grande hires whenever her daughter is in town, two police cruisers were spotted on the street outside of her home.

Apparently, that’s how the local police force is reacting to the notion that the attack might’ve been as much about Ariana as it was about hurting a large group of unsuspecting innocents. TMZ cited anonymous “law enforcement sources,” who told the news brand that the cops showed up on their own.

A couple of police cars will probably seem minor when Ariana returns to Manchester. The singer has promised a benefit concert for victims of the attack, and security is sure to be heavy.

(Photo credit: Ariana Grande VEVO YouTube account)

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Celebrities React To The Passing Of Legendary Director Garry Marshall

Celebrities React To The Passing Of Garry MarshallDirector, producer, actor and screenwriter Garry Marshall passed away at the age of 81 on Tuesday. Garry left his mark on the industry with legendary projects, most famously being “Pretty Woman.” He also wrote for various successful television shows like “The Odd Couple” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” Hollywood is remembering his legacy.

Lindsay Lohan, Lea Michele, Zac Efron and many more have penned touching tributes to Garry. Shay Mitchell, who worked with Garry on recent film “Mother’s Day,” also spoke out about Garry’s passing.

See some of the tributes below.

(Photo credits: Lindsay Lohan, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Joan Grande and Lea Michele Twitter accounts; Shay Mitchel, Zac Efron, Lea Michele and Lindsay Lohan Instagram accounts)

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Ariana Grande’s Mom Gives Back To The Families Of Pulse Nightclub Victims

Joan Grande donates to Orlando victimsSunday, Ariana Grande’s mom, Joan Grande, made a $2,000 donation the GoFundMe page dedicated to the victims of the Pulse Orlando nightclub mass shooting.

“All my love and support,” Joan wrote with her donation. With Ariana being from Florida and Frankie Grande being gay, Saturday night’s shooting may have hit close to home for the Grande family.

However, instead of all of the Grande family putting their money together it looks like only Joan has donated to the victims’ funds far.

What do you think of Joan’s donation?

(Photo credit: Frankie Grande Instagram account)

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Ariana Grande’s Mom Freaks Out Over “Dangerous Woman”

Ariana grande and her mom fangirlAriana Grande is set to release her third studio album “Dangerous Woman” on May 20. No one seems more excited about its release than her mom, Joan Grande.

The singer posted a reaction video of her mom listening to the “Dangerous Woman” album in the car. Whatever Joan heard had her freaking out. Ariana captioned the vid: “mom’s genuine reaction when I played her the album. #1monthTilDangerousWoman#loveyoumommy.

Watch Joan’s reaction to Ariana’s album below.

What are you expecting from the “Dangerous Woman” album?

(Photo credit: Ariana Grande Instagram account)

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