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Lauren Jauregui Supports Kesha But Fifth Harmony Is Working With Dr. Luke

Lauren Jauregui calls out female injustice-2Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui is fed up with female injustice after learning that Kesha will be forced to work with her alleged rapist producer Dr. Luke. The singer went onto her personal Tumblr page to voice her opinion on the matter by reblogging a post that calls out male celebs like Chris Brown, Woody Allen and John Lennon for their abuse toward women.

The singer’s reblog goes on to compare Kesha’s situation to slave labor saying, “She’s a human who is being forced to work in an environment she doesn’t feel COMFORTABLE in.” She then adds, “HOW THE FUCK does a court of MEN get to decide whether she experienced sexual assault..or psychological assault.”

Fifth Harmony has previously worked with Dr. Luke who produced “This Is How We Roll” off of its “Reflection” album. According to Lauren, the group has teamed up with him for its upcoming album.

Read the full Tumblr post below.

What do you think of Lauren’s comments about female injustice?

(Photo credit: Lauren Jauregui Instagram account

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