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Bebe Rexha is an Angel (or Maybe Not) in the Music Video for “Last Hurrah”

Bebe Rexha Last HurrahBebe Rexha just released the official music video for her current single, “Last Hurrah.” Directed by Joseph Kahn — perhaps best known for his Grammy-award winning work with Taylor Swift on her 1989 album — the video flash-cuts various contrasting religious and irreligious images, as Bebe sings about either giving up her previous sinful ways … or pushing them even further in one, final ‘last hurrah.’

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Taylor Swift Prefers Hanging Out With Herself Over Spending Time With Her Squad

Taylor Swift Loves Her New Squad Composed Entirely Of Taylor Swift bTaylor Swift rose from the dead to bring the world the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. The petty, shady visual for her return featured an actual resurrection as it breathed new life into the snake queen’s career. While several of the video’s sequences have been picked apart for similarities to other famous vids, behind-the-scenes footage offers some insight into one of the Taylor-heavy shots.

A video about “Taylor Mountain” reveals how the singer and director Joseph Kahn got shots of a few dozen Taylors from different eras all vying for the top of the heap. Platinum blonde Taylor, old-school country Taylor and several different award show Taylors were all present. But because there’s mercifully only one real Taylor, body doubles had to fill in.

See how much Taylor you can handle in the video below.

(Photo credit: Taylor Swift YouTube account)

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Like A Good Minion, Director Joseph Kahn Defends Taylor Swift’s Reputation By Calling Beyoncé A Copycat

Joseph Kahn accuses Beyonce of being a copycat-1Taylor Swift’s go-to director Joseph Kahn has either completely lost his mind or just doesn’t care about his own well-being. The director recently sat down with the Los Angeles Times to promote his new film “Bodied” and while defending “Look What You Made Me Do” he made some accusations about Queen Bey herself.

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Joseph Kahn Sides With Taylor Swift Against Kanye West And Kim Kardashian

joseph kahn taylor swift kanye west kim kardashian famous that bitch twitter tweet rantJoseph Kahn, the director behind music videos for Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods,” “Bad Blood” and “Blank Space,” has taken to Twitter to speak out about Kim Kardashian releasing recorded phone calls between Kanye West and Taylor. The calls, which were about Kanye’s song “Famous,” started a social media firestorm when Kim posted them on Snapchat on Sunday. Joseph waded into the flaming wreckage to defend his collaborator.

joseph kahn taylor swift kim kardashian kanye west famous that bitch twitter tweet feud 4

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Austin Swift And Joseph Kahn Don’t Seem To Think Kanye West Should Be “Famous”

Joseph Kahn And Austin Swift Don't Know Why Kanye West Is FamousAustin Swift and Joseph Kahn have spoken out about Kanye West’s use of Taylor Swift’s name in his new song “Famous.” Austin, Taylor’s brother, posted an Instagram video of himself throwing his Yeezy shoes in the garbage.

Meanwhile, Joseph — who has directed four of Taylor’s music videos — went on Twitter to express his thoughts. He made sure to remind followers that Taylor’s lowest-selling album sold more copies Kanye’s best-selling album. He also implies a comparison between Kanye and Bill Cosby.

Take a look Austin’s video and Joseph’s tweets below.

(Photo credit: Pitchfork and Joseph Kahn Twitter account)

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The Director and Editor of “Wildest Dreams” Fire Back at “White-Washing” Claims

Sarcasm appears to be the only thing “Wildest Dreams” director Joseph Kahn can work better than a camera. The award winning director has collaborated with a who’s who of American rap, dance and pop artists, including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Beyonce. Some even believe he might be the best music video director of all time.

“Wildest Dreams” is the third video Joseph has directed for Taylor Swift, following the successes of “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” which together won a total of three VMAs, including 2015’s Video of the Year Award. But several media outlets have criticized “Wildest Dreams” for racial insensitivity. National Public Radio thought that the video presented “a glamorous version of the white colonial fantasy of Africa,” while The Daily Dot suggested that it celebrated “old-school Hollywood racism.

Joseph fired back on Twitter, defending himself, his team and the video with a series of sarcastic tweets. Some of the reports in the media didn’t seem to recognize that the entire senior creative team on “Wildest Dreams” were people of color – the video’s producer Jil Harden and editor Chancler Haynes are both African American and Joseph is originally from South Korea.  The director’s tweets range from poking fun at his own South-Korean heritage to suggesting that he can’t be racist if he has black friends.

Joseph Kahn Tweet 2Joseph Kahn Tweet 1image009Meanwhile, the video’s editor, Chancler Haynes, came to the defense of Joseph and Taylor, tweeting that people were missing the point of the video.

Joseph Kahn Tweet 1Joseph has now issued a separate formal statement that is a lot more serious in tone than his tweets:

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