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Justin Bieber Is The Pop Star Who Stole Christmas

Justin Bieber Is The Pop Star Who Stole Christmas featureIt may be the most wonderful time of year, but it’s no secret that Justin Bieber likely received a lump of coal in his stocking this year. From fist fights and infuriating fan interactions to social media smackdowns with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, Justin decided to take things one step further on Christmas Eve.

Justin Bieber Is The Pop Star Who Stole Christmas 7The singer dropped a new round of Justmojis the night before Christmas as a last-ditch effort to squeeze fans out of their money. While he’s not exactly the Grinch, his recent Sasquatch-inspired get-up resembles a creature from Whoville.

Check out Justin’s latest emojis below.

Do you think Justin is on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year?

(Photo credits: Justin Bieber, jbforfs, greedylieber, JBFamily and bieberdepth Twitter accounts)

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Canadian-Born Justin Bieber Releases Fourth Of July Emojis, Because…Why Not?

Justin Bieber Releases 4th of July EmojisJustin Bieber’s line of emojis, Justmojis, received a few additions in honor of the fast-approaching Fourth of July festivities. Nothing says “America” quite like a Canadian musician-turned-cartoon uncomfortably slurping a Bomb Pop and holding a crate of dynamite. Fireworks included, of course.

Justin does appear to be in on the joke, adding “even tho I’m Canadian” to his announcement. The singer makes sure not to take away from his own nationalism by including a few nods to Canada on top of the American-themed additions.

Check out the latest Justmojis below.

(Photo credits: JBCrewdotcom and Justin Bieber Twitter accounts)


Justin Bieber’s Justmojis Are As Terrible As They Seem

Justin Bieber justmojis-22Justin Bieber has officially released his own line of emojis, after the singer teased the new app earlier this week. The “Justmoji” app is available via iTunes and features emojis, GIFs and even lets users create their own memes.

The only emoji missing is one of Justin sucking on the pacifier he’s been recently spotted using.

If you really want to lose friends, you can download Justin’s Justmojis here and see the emojis below.

What do you think of Justin’s emoji?

(Photo credits: JBCrewdotcom Twitter account)