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The #DemiLovatoChallenge Has Arrived And The World Will Never Be The Same

Lord Help Us, The DemiLovatoChallenge Has ArrivedIf the latest viral challenge based around Demi Lovato takes off,  you have 16-year-old Atlanta-based rapper Kandi Reign to blame.  The young artist came up with the #DemiLovatoChallenge and it features an original song about feeling like Demi. Actually, “I feel like Demi Lovato” repeats and repeats and repeats. A more intricate dance routine comes with this challenge so only a handful of brave souls have tried it. Demi’s fanbase could easily help it launch, but the reactions to the wannabe phenomenon are unsurprisingly mixed.

Demi Lovato Challenge 1 Demi Lovato Challenge 2 Demi Lovato Challenge 3 Demi Lovato Challenge 4With only a few days left in the year combined with the shelf life of viral challenges, hope for a better 2017 already seems out of reach.

Take a look below for the #DemiLovatoChallenge song as well as a few compilation videos from participants so far.

(Photo credits: sassmxtria, tystefxn, Prattle_x, smoldervato and nightridecamila Twitter accounts)

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