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Cara Delevigne Has A Sixth Sense For Margot Robbie And Karen Fukuhara’s Nipples

cara delevigne nipple detector pinch margot robbie karen fukuhara suicide squad interviewThe cast of “Suicide Squad” is in full press tour mode. And, much like the superhero team they play in the movie, the actors are taking an unconventional approach to the new film’s promotions. Take, for example, Cara Delevigne’s recent admission that she has an uncanny ability to know where a nipple is.

In an interview that co-star Karen Fukuhara shared on her Instagram account, Cara joins Karen and Margot Robbie for an interview about their trailer. From the start, it’s obvious things have already gone off the rails.

“Anyone that has a t-shirt on, I can find their nipple right away,” Cara says in the clip. “I have like a nipple detector in my mind.” She proceeds to demonstrate on both her co-stars and the interviewer.

Watch Cara go two out of three with her special ability below.

(Photo credit: Prince Sam1122 YouTube account)

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