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Swift Threatened By Kasey Musgraves

kasey-katyTaylor Swift is threatened by rising country music star Kacey Musgraves. Kacey won the Grammy for Best Country Album this year, in a category that Taylor was also nominated in and lost. Source told The Enquirer:

‘Taylor is used to having all of the young country stars bowing down before her, but Kacey barely gives her the time of day. Taylor doesn’t like Kacey, and the feeling is certainly mutual.’ Taylor is jealous that Kacey is popular, pretty, and talented – and has a much more outgoing and outspoken personality than her, which means that she’ll continue to dominate the headlines.

Taylor also had to cancel her Bangkok, Thailand concert: ‘I’m sending my love to the fans in Thailand. I’m so sad about the concert being canceled.’ Thailand came under military rule last week. Taylor has since rescheduled another concert nearby.

UPDATED with Taylor’s China press conference interview under!
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