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Maybe Kristen Stewart Could Stand in for Justin Bieber At Meet & Greets?

Justin and KristenJustin Bieber has been getting a lot of attention following his decision to cancel meet and greets for the rest of his tour. “TODAY” show’s Kathie Lee Gifford is the latest to weigh in on Justin’s choice, but not until after she mistook a picture of him as one of Kristen Stewart.

“That looks like a woman right there,” Kathie says as Justin’s photo appeared on a monitor. “I keep thinking, ‘Is that Kristen Stewart?’

Kathie then addresses Justin’s exhaustion and unhappiness, saying that there is no reason a person of his age and fitness level should be exhausted.

The host also states that perhaps Justin’s personal life could still use a tuneup: “Who knows what’s going on in his private life,” she says. “If he would stop some of that silliness, he wouldn’t be so tired.”

Listen to Kathie’s conversation below and let us know what you think.


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