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Katy Perry Demands Justice For A Mega Fan’s Suspended Twitter Account

Katy Perry Demands Justice For A Mega Fan's Twitter Account featureKaty Perry’s latest crusade is more social media justice than social justice. The politically outspoken singer took to Twitter on Tuesday to launch her latest advocacy work: trying to get one of her biggest fan’s Twitter account restored. Katy helped bring attention to the hashtag campaign as fans tried to figure out what exactly it was.

Katy tweeted “#JusticeForKPL,” a hashtag that was circulating after the account Katy Perry Lately was suspended. Allegedly, Twitter banned the account after it infringed on copyrights by sharing a video of Katy performing on the French version of “The Voice.”

Katy heard about the suspension from fans who caught up with her. Her voice was full of emotion as she shouted “Justice for KPL!” and immediately got on her phone to tweet it out.

Other KatyCats rallied around the cause before and especially after Katy’s tweet. The Katy Perry Lately account hasn’t been reinstated yet, but the campaign for justice is ongoing.

Katy has been all about her fans since the Manchester attack. She might even try to unite multiple fandoms again in her quest for Twitter justice.

Check out video of Katy hearing about the suspension below, plus see her tweet and some fan reactions.

(Photo credit: Katy Perry Instagram account)

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