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Nick Jonas May Have Made First Move with a Text … But Now Priyanka Chopra is All Go as She Has Bridal Shower

Priyanka Bridal ShowerNick Jonas may have made the first move that ultimately led to his engagement with Priyanka Chopra. But she is clearly now in the driver’s seat — and she seems driving as fast as possible to the speedy conclusion of that engagement in a wedding ceremony prior the end of the year.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Priyanka after word got out that her friends Lupita Nyong’o, Kelly Ripa, Anjula Acharia, and Mubina Rattonsey had thrown her a hastily put-together bridal shower Continue Reading →

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Joe Jonas Dodges Kelly Ripa’s Question About His Love Life

Joe Jonas Dodges Kelly Ripa's Questions About His Love Life featureJoe Jonas helped co-host Wednesday morning’s episode of “Live with Kelly” alongside Kelly Ripa. Joe discussed how his mom uses emojis, what the Jonas family is getting up to for Thanksgiving and how he spoils his nieces. But he wasn’t quite so forthcoming when it came to Kelly’s questions about who he was dating.

In a segment that started with a congratulations for Kevin Jonas on his newest baby, Kelly started to ask Joe if he was thinking about ever having kids of his own. In the middle of that question, she started to ask if there was anyone in Joe’s life right now. Joe was able to turn Kelly back to the question about kids without even addressing whether or not he had someone special.

“I think, eventually, a family would be in the thoughts. I still feel like I’m that 17-year-old, curly headed kid,” Joe says. “I feel like being an uncle is perfect.” Joe’s also getting good advice from his older brother on when to get serious about pursuing fatherhood. “Kevin’s constantly telling me, ‘Just take your sweet time.'”

Watch clips from Joe’s co-hosting spot below.

(Photo credits: “Live with Kelly” Instagram and YouTube accounts)

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Gigi Hadid Says She “Didn’t Need” A College Degree On “Kelly And Michael”

Gigi Hadid Talks Victoria's Secret And Not Needing A DegreeModel Gigi Hadid sat down with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on this morning’s episode of “Live! with Kelly and Michael” to promote the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which airs tonight. Gigi admits that she would throw pizza parties for the fashion show while in high school. During the commercial breaks, she’d practice her runway walk.

The 20 year-old model opened up about her decision to stop her criminal psychology studies at The New School in New York saying she didn’t want special treatment from professors when it came to her busy work life. The model offered a final thought about her time away from education saying, “I didn’t really need the degree necessarily. I just loved being in class and being in that environment.”

The rest of the interview is about Gigi’s social media presence, her thoughts on body shaming and what it was like auditioning for Victoria’s Secret’s Fashion Show.

Watch the full interview and see photos of Gigi in New York below.

What did you think of what Gigi has to say?

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