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Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato Kill Each Other With Kindness At InStyle Awards

Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato Kill Each Other With Kindness At InStyle Awards featureMonday evening, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato came face to face on the red carpet for the third annual InStyle Awards at L.A.’s Getty Center. The pop music heavyweights, who seemingly buried the hatchet if their recent social media interactions are any indication, even cozied up together for an awkward photo op.

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Fifth Harmony Is Splitting Up Soon But Not Before The Members Got Some Good Advice

Fifth Harmony gets advice from Kelly RowlandFifth Harmony had tons of support following lead singer Camila Cabello’s departure. From their fans to Ellen Degeneres, the ladies had plenty of people in their corner during the group shakeup; including a member of one of the greatest girl groups of all time.

“We were advised by THE Kelly Rowland,” Dinah Jane Hansen proudly revealed. “She just told us to, like, let the music speak for itself … and just know your worth, believe in yourself and just be there for each other,” Dinah said of the group’s talk with Kelly Rowland. Lauren Jauregui told Time Magazine about Kelly’s advice back in June, but her words must’ve really stuck with them.

The group’s latest album, “Fifth Harmony,” debuted at number four on Billboard, selling only 46,000 equivalent units–28,000 units less than “7/27.”

Hear more about Kelly’s advice to the group below.

(Photo credit: Fifth Harmony Instagram account)

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Fifth Harmony Has A Lot Of Nice Things To Say About One Other Following Cabello’s Exit

Fifth Harmony Sure Says A Lot Of Nice Things About Each Other Ever Since Camila Cabello Left featureFifth Harmony recently sat down with Time Magazine for a total love fest of an interview. Since the departure of Camila Cabello from the group, Ally Brooke Hernandez has called the group’s latest tour the “best time we’ve ever had.” Even as all four of the group’s remaining members are pursuing solo projects, the ladies are coming together again for a new album led by “Down.”

“The very exciting thing about going into this album is that we know the story we want to tell,” Ally Brooke said. “We draw from our personal experiences. We’ve been in the studio, and we’ve had a lot of creative control. And through that, we’ve been able to co-write more than half of our album. It was an amazing process to have that creative freedom. It’s great to put in our voices and our words on this album.”

So, what exactly is in those voices and those words? Time asked the group’s members to explains what’s different about them as musicians and individuals as they enter a new era. The women of Fifth Harmony took it as a chance to sing each other’s praises. Each took a turn describing what she admires about another member of the group.

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Zendaya, Lea Michele, Missy Elliott And Kelly Clarkson Team Up For The Girls

Michelle Obama girls song-1First Lady Michelle Obama called on a few female artists to team up for the ultimate girls’ anthem. “This Is For My Girls” was released last night and features Missy Elliott, Zendaya, Lea Michele, Kelly Clarkson, Janelle Monáe, Kelly Rowland and was written by Grammy-winner Diane Warren.

The song is currently available on iTunes and all proceeds go to the Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund.

Hear a snippet of the song below.

(Photo credits: Zendaya and biancalex Instagram accounts)Michelle Obama girls song-2

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Beyoncé Channeled Storm From “X-Men” For Ciara’s Superhero Birthday Bash

Beyonce CiaraCiara celebrated her 30th birthday last night at the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, California. Her friends and family went all out for the superhero-themed surprise party and, while Ciara herself was hardly shabby in a sexy Catwoman costume, the top costume of the night had to be Beyoncé’s Storm, from the “X-Men” comic series. The singer rocked a white wig, white contacts, and a killer custom body suit and cape to pull off the costume.

Serena Williams, Lily Collins, Kelly Rowland, Jeff Dye and Ciara’s boyfriend Russell Wilson were also in attendance to help her celebrate the big day.

See more of Beyoncé and Ciara’s other guests below.

(Photo credit: Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Jeff Dye, and beybleedblue Instagram accounts, Power 105.1 Twitter Account)


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