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Rihanna Checks In To “Bates Motel” With The Help Of A Drinking Game

Rihanna Checks In To Bates Motel With A Live-Streamed Drinking Game featureRihanna may have been a bit nervous about her debut on “Bates Motel.” The singer, fashion designer and actress loosened up, though, as she and some friends drank their way through the episode on an Instagram live stream. The group was having a good time as they drank whenever anyone in the show said words like “Norma” or “Mother.” Rihanna’s nerves might have been uncalled for, according to the show runners. In an interview with Vulture, co-creators Kerry Ehrin and Carlton Cuse had nothing but praise for Rihanna as an actress and a person.

“What we wanted to do was cast someone who wouldn’t be a pale imitation of Janet Leigh,” Carlton explains. He found out that Rihanna could be a good fit for Janet’s role as Marion Crane from a magazine article. “I was reading a profile of Rihanna, and, in there, she said ‘Bates Motel’ was her favorite show,” Carlton says. “Kerry and I had been talking a lot about how we were gonna solve this Marion Crane problem, and I called her up and was like, ‘Hey, did you know Rihanna loves our show? What do you think of Rihanna for Marion Crane?'”

Once they landed her, they had to figure out what she could actually bring something to the role, which they wanted to be a modern twist on the movie’s original female lead. “The charisma was something I knew about and expected because that’s just evident about her,” he adds. “The thing that really impressed me was her work ethic. She had to work incredibly hard in a short amount of time so she could get back to her tour.”

Rihanna’s commitment to the show didn’t stop on set, though. She spent almost an hour on Instagram live playing a drinking game as she watched her first episode of the series Monday night. She really is a “Bates Motel” super fan.

See Rihanna throwing back shots as she watches her new show below.

(Photo credit: Rihanna Instagram account)

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