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Justin Bieber, Kehlani and Khalil Come Together On Surprise Release “Future”

Justin Bieber and Khalil songThere are 13 days left until Justin Bieber’s next single, “What Do You Mean” is released, but Justin had a surprise for fans when his collaboration with up-and-coming artist Kehlani dropped last night. 

Singer Khalil, who also happens to be one of Justin Bieber’s best friends, will feature the song on his new EP later this year called “Long Way From 916“.  The singer originally posted a link to the song on his Soundcloud account. The song was up for a few hours before it was then taken down early this morning.  

The “Future” is co-produced by Rex Kudo and Charlie Handsome, and the mellow, R&B piece allows Justin Bieber and Kehlani to harmonize over the smooth beat. 

Even though the song isn’t on Soundcloud, we were able to find the audio on Youtube/Vevo. You can listen below.

What do you think of the song? Do you like Justin pursuing this smooth R&B direction with his music?

(Photo Credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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