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JinJoo Lee Ditches DNCE For A Musical Reunion With JoJo In A Bathroom Stall

JinJoo Lee Breaks Free From The Boys To Reunite With JoJoDNCE was part of Tuesday night’s Kissmass 2016 lineup in North Carolina. The concert reunited JinJoo Lee with JoJo, who she’s played guitar for during tours in the past. JinJoo let the boys of DNCE do their own thing while she spent time catching up with JoJo backstage and at what appeared to be an afterparty of sorts. Alessia Cara, who also performed at the show, joined in on the girls’ night. Eventually all three ladies made their way into a bathroom stall for an acoustic cover of JoJo and Alessia’s “I Can Only.” JinJoo, of course, backed them up on guitar.

See photos, Snapchats as well as the bathroom jam session below.

(Photo credits: JinJoo Lee and JoJo Instagram accounts, JoJo, alessiacarabr, DNCEpromos and dnce_online Twitter accounts)

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