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Fan Informs Niall Horan That Canada Doesn’t Care About One Direction Anymore

Niall Horan Kyle and Jackie O interviewNiall Horan called into the “Kyle and Jackie O Show” on Tuesday morning to promote his debut solo single, “This Town.” The singer answered a few fan questions ranging from the meaning behind the song to his favorite places to visit in Ireland.

However, the highlight of the interview came from a Canadian fan who didn’t seem too happy with the singer’s answer to her question about his dream golfing partner. Granted the fan was in school at the time of the interview, but before hanging up the hosts asked the young girl to to brag about the fact that she was on the phone with Niall.

“No one really cares about it anymore,” she responded about the feelings Canada has about the singer and One Direction.

Listen the awkward fan Q&A with Niall below.

(Photo credit: Niall Horan Instagram account)

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