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A Tired Looking Kendall Jenner Joins Sister Kim Kardashian As They Rush Back to Lamar Odom’s Hospital

Kendall Jenner Rushes Back Upon Hearing Good News On Lamar OdomKendall Jenner has literally traveled the globe in the past week to be in Las Vegas with family and friends supporting ailing brother-in-law Lamar Odom. According to several media outlets including the Daily Mail, Kendall was back at it again last night. Kendall apparently had to travel to do a photo shoot in London on Friday, only to return to Los Angeles to accompany sister Kim Kardashian yesterday back to Las Vegas, after the two received word that Lamar had regained consciousness.

Arriving in Las Vegas, Kendall and Kim gathered with sister Khloe Kardashian, mother Kris Jenner and family friends Malika Haqq and Khadijah Haqq MaCray last night again at Sunrise Hospital, where they tried to cheer up and encourage Khoe’s estranged husband. Earlier this morning, Kim tweeted about the time she and Kendall had just spent with Lamar, “So happy Kendall & I could make u smile 2day God is good!”Kim Kardashian TweetAnd this afternoon, Kendall was on the road again, reportedly arriving at LAX by herself on a commercial flight.

Below we have some photos of Kendall, Kim and the Haqq sisters leaving Sunrise Hospital late last night.

(Photo Credit: Premiere/Rocstar/Galo/FameFlyNet)

Kim, Kendall & Malika Leaving The Hospital After Visiting Lamar Odom

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Kylie Jenner And Her Sisters Choose Family Over Their Apps, Suspend New Content While Supporting Lamar Odom

Kardashion:Jenners Suspend App To Focus On Lamar OdomKylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan have rallied together to support Lamar Odom while his health hangs in the balance at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. While all the girls except Kourtney have recently expanded their brands to include personal apps and websites, they have made a conscious decision to temporarily pause activity on these commercial ventures so they can focus on what’s more important.

They announced today that “as a family, we’ve decided to hold off on publishing content across our apps while we continue to support and pray for Lamar. Thank you for your kindness and understanding during this difficult time.”

While it has been reported that doctors are only giving Lamar a 50/50 chance of pulling through, it appears his friends and family will be there for him throughout his struggle.

(Photo credit: Khloé Kardashian Instagram account)

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Gigi Hadid Tweets Support For Lamar Odom While Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner Drop Everything To Be By His Side

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Haidi, and Kylie Jenner Support Lamar Odom and FamilyGigi Hadid has shown her support for best friend Kendall Jenner while Kendall sits by Lamar Odom’s bedside with the rest of her family.

Gigi tweeted her prayers for Khloe Kardashian’s estranged husband as he fights for his life after reportedly being found unconscious and unresponsive on Tuesday in a legal Nevada brothel, with various reports linking Lamar’s condition to a possible drug overdose.Gigi Hadid shows Lamar Odom supportAfter hearing the news about Lamar’s hospitalization, Kendall reportedly cancelled her appearances at Shanghai Fashion Week and immediately flew back to the U.S., arriving in Las Vegas by early last night. Yesterday, she also tweeted a heartbreaking message that was probably for him.

Kendall Jenner shows Lamar Odom SupportKylie Jenner has kept quiet since the news broke, but the 18 year old abruptly ended a scheduled livestream on Tuesday around the time when reports first began to surface about Lamar’s health situation. Kylie was later confirmed to be at the ex-NBA player’s hospital with the rest of her family.

(Photo credits: FameFlyNet and Gigi Hadid Instagram account)

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