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Justin Bieber’s Fist Fight Opponent Calls For Face-To-Face Meeting

Justin Bieber's Fist Fight Opponent Calls For Face-To-Face MeetingLast week, reports and video surfaced of a fist fight between Justin Bieber and Lamont Richmond. Although Lamont claims he only asked Justin for an autograph, Beliebers swarmed to the singer’s defense and attacked Lamont on social media. Because of the negative attention he’s garnered, Lamont is now seeking a face-to-face meeting with Justin.

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Justin Bieber’s Fist Fight Opponent Breaks Silence, Only Wanted An Autograph

Justin Bieber Fight UpdateCleveland man Lamont Richmond has stepped forward as the opponent in Justin Bieber’s recent fist fight. The 6’5″ local shared a video with what he’s describing as the circumstances that led to the brawl. Lamont alleges that he and two other girls simply asked Justin for an autograph, and then “the fool ran” up on him.

Lamont gave a few more details to TMZ, and he claims that Justin responded to his autograph request by saying, “No autographs tonight, motherfucker.” Lamont goes on to say that Justin smelled strongly of alcohol and that the singer took the first swing after “puffing his chest up.”

Justin strangely celebrated getting out of the fight unscathed, but he might not have much to be thankful for. Lamont has reportedly met with an attorney and is prepared to slap the singer with a lawsuit.

Check out Lamont’s video below.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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