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Lawyer Up, Trey Songz: Keke Palmer Is Taking Legal Action

Lawyer Up, Trey Songz: Keke Palmer Is Taking Legal Action featureKeke Palmer is taking legal action against Trey Songz for including a clip of her in a music video for “Pick Up The Phone.” Keke said as much in a new interview with Larry King, where she confirmed that she never consented to her likeness being used in the video. She also explained what she meant by “sexual intimidation” when she addressed the incident earlier in January.

“Just that: sexual intimidating,” Keke said when Larry asked her what it meant. “I feel, as a female, often I’m put in situations where sometimes males will use their masculinity, their sexuality to taunt you.”

Keke said she’s not crazy about addressing the issue, but knows she isn’t the first person to deal with it. In order to explain it better to Larry, she used the example of a high school party, saying, “It would be like you going to a party where the biggest jock is there, and the whole time he’s like, ‘You can get screwed,’ ‘You can get this,’ ‘You can get that,’ and ‘You ain’t no little girl no more.'”

While Keke didn’t accuse Trey of that sort of creepy language, she did share her side of the story from the night in question. According to Keke, she told Trey, his producer and an assistant “no” when they asked her to appear in the video.

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