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Camila Cabello Claims Her Friendship With Taylor Swift Has Nothing To Do With Her Career

Camila Cabello Says Her Friendship With Taylor Swift Isn't About Her Career featureCamila Cabello is the cover star for Latina Magazine’s upcoming issue. The former Fifth Harmony singer sports a richly colored dress with floral embellishments on the front of the March/April edition. Camila served up a couple of windblown looks for the photo shoot, but what Camila said might be more interesting than what she wore. Some are trying to decide if what she said in the cover story is a bunch of hot air, because Camila claims her friendship with Taylor Swift has nothing to do with her career goals.

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Becky G Opens Up About Austin Mahone In Latina Magazine

Becky G Latina Magazine 10Singer Becky G is the cover star for Latina magazine’s March edition. In the interview, she gets real about her relationship with Austin Mahone. The pair met while recording for “The Smurfs 2″ soundtrack. “He and I had to make a decision. We were just like, ‘We’re together. We’re not going to hide it.’” They only dated for a brief amount of time.

“We had to decide if we were going to stay in this until the wheels fall off and we hate each other, or if we’re going to put our friendship first,” she continues.

“We both knew what was coming in our careers, and that we just have to press pause. For now.” She adds, “Yeah. Keyword: pause.”

Since the split, Austin has been linked with several over girls. Each time, news reporters wait to see how Becky will react. When it comes to that, Becky says, “When you let go of it, you’ve got to let go. As tough a pill as it is to swallow—if he finds happiness in another person, then it just is what it is.”

View images and video from the cover shoot below.

(Photo credit:STRAWBERRYradio and POPSUGARLatina Twitter accounts)Becky G Latina Magazine 2

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