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DNCE Sets Its Sights On High-Profile Collaborators For Upcoming Project

DNCE Covers September Issue Of LegendDNCE landed the September cover of Hong Kong’s #legend magazine. The quirky bandmates discussed everything from inspirations and influences—mainly Prince and other heroes who aren’t so much musicians, but rather their own “world for an hour,” according to Cole Whittle—to the power of technology and who they’ve set their eyes on for next year’s dream collaboration.

While DNCE was able to work with Nicki Minaj this year on “Kissing Strangers,” a few different artists could be in the works for the band’s next collaboration.

“Oh, man, how can we top this year with Nicki Minaj?” Jack pondered. “Maybe Paul McCartney or Jeff Lynne?”

Jack, Cole, Joe Jonas and JinJoo Lee also spent a lot of time gushing over a few K-pop artists. So if they can’t snag Paul or Jeff, they might have a solid alternative in store.

See a few photos from the cover shoot below and read the full interview here.

(Photo credit: #legend Instagram account)

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