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Did Ariana Grande Steal Her “Side To Side” Video Treatment From A UK Singer?

Did Ariana steal her side to side music videoAriana Grande’s third single “Side To Side” has finally reached the top 10 on Billboard’s “Hot 100″ and the singer is now being called out for theft. According to Perez Hilton, UK singer Lemon is accusing Ariana of jacking her exercise bike concept from her 2015 “Freak” video.

Other than both singers doing a session of SoulCycle for their videos, there’s really no other similarities between “Side To Side” and “Freak.” However, Lemon still feels that she was the first to come up with the idea. “In my classes I used to create choreography on the bike. I realized this had never been done before in a music video so I wanted to be the first to create it,” she tells Perez.

Watch both music videos below.

Do you think Ariana stole Lemon’s exercise bike idea?

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