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Tyra Banks Wants Zendaya For The Long-Awaited “Life Size 2″

Tyra Banks Wants Zendaya For The Long-Awaited Life Size 2Tyra Banks had a chance to chat about “Life Size 2,” the sequel to her 2000 movie about a doll who comes to life. Tyra revealed that five years and four scripts have gone into the project, which will be out on Freeform by Christmas 2018.

She shared that the story will focus on a grown-up Eve dealing with “more adult things.” Tyra is set to reprise her role as Eve, the doll who came to life, but she has some thoughts about who else might appear in the movie.

“I would love Zendaya,” Tyra said. “I think Zendaya would be really interesting.” Zendaya appeared on the most recent season of Tyra’s show “America’s Next Top Model,” but Tyra had surrendered her hosting duties to Rita Ora. The idea of the two working together has a lot of people excited.

Tyra also addressed whether or not Lindsay Lohan, her co-star in the original “Life Size” film, would return.

“I have to talk to my fellow producers, but I think that would be interesting, right?” Tyra asked in reply. “I mean–that was my girl back in the day.”

See everything Tyra had to say about the upcoming sequel to “Life Size” below.

(Photo credits: Tyra Banks and Zendaya Instagram accounts)

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