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Halsey Makes Unannounced Appearance on ‘SNL,’ Performs “Can’t Be Broken” with Lil Wayne

Halsey Lil Wayne FeatureHalsey made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live last night in support of this week’s musical guest, Lil Wayne. The two joined each other on stage to perform the song “Can’t Be Broken,” from Lil Wayne’s current hit album “Tha Carter V.”

At the end of the performance, Lil Wayne dedicated the song to veterans, thanking them for their service on Veterans Day weekend.

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Demi Lovato Confirms “Dope” Lil Wayne Collab On Her New Album

Demi Lovato Confirms Dope Lil Wayne Collab On Her New AlbumGrammy-nominated Demi Lovato was in her element on Saturday. She was invited to the Grammy Museum for an intimate conversation and performance event to celebrate the upcoming release of her sixth studio album, “Tell Me You Love Me,” much like what she just did with Spotify in Los Angeles. Demi’s chat at the Grammy Museum was much more revealing, especially when it came time for questions from the audience.

One fan got the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer to confirm the rumor that she has a collaboration with Lil Wayne called “Lonely.”She describes the song as being “so dope” and she also reveals that it was produced by DJ Mustard. As fans will recall, “Lonely” is included on the recently-unveiled track list for “Tell Me You Love Me.”

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“Classic Guy” Charlie Puth Is Proud To Be Slut-Shaming Women Away From Their Career Goals

Classic Guy Charlie Puth Is Proud To Be Slut-Shaming Women Away From Their Career Goals featureCharlie Puth sat down with Flaunt Magazine in another desperate attempt to prove that he’s soulful and brooding. In a lengthy interview, the New Jersey native explained his thoughts and feelings on women from Los Angeles and why he’s proud to have helped kill the Instagram model career path.

“Without completely shitting on LA girls, because there are some definite winners, I’m talking about the girls who don’t make me try so hard,” Charlie said when asked about the women he complains about in his songs. “If women are overly inviting and giving their numbers to me, dating kind of loses its classic touch a bit.”

“I’m supposed to get the number. I like to think I’m a bit of a classic guy,” Charlie explained. “We don’t have to go out on a date, but we can go to the beach or something. Let’s feel like humans.” Charlie famously went on a beach date with Bella Thorne, who he never mentioned by name in his scathing comments.

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Is Justin Bieber’s Chart-Topping “I’m The One” Poised To Be The Song Of The Summer?

Is Justin Bieber's Chart-Topping I'm The One Poised To Be The Song Of The Summer featureJustin Bieber’s collaboration “I’m The One” with DJ Khaled, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and Quavo from Migos has debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The track’s strong opening on the chart adds to an impressive list of stats for Justin when it comes to Billboard’s charts.

The track is the 28th song to ever debut at number one on the Hot 100. It’s the first rap song to debut in the top spot in seven years and the first song to ever reach number one with five individually credited artists. The high spot means Justin also becomes the third artist to have multiple number one debuts in the Hot 100. He’s tied with Britney Spears at two now while Mariah Carey still leads the pack with three.

The song marks Justin’s fourth number one overall. It’s also his fourth top five ranking for a song he’s featured on since he dropped “Purpose” in 2015. A strong performance in Digital Sales and Streaming is par for the course for Justin, but he added his eighth and third number ones on each chart, respectively.

Despite the song’s current success, some people are wondering what the impressive chart performance might mean for the song’s future. At this time last year, Drake’s “One Dance” hit the top spot and went on to become the best performing song from Memorial Day to Labor Day, making it a de facto song of the summer.

Could Justin’s feature on “I’m The One” be poised for similar success? Is “I’m The One” your favorite for an early song of the summer contender?

You can read more about Justin’s chart stats here.

(Photo credit: YouTube)


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Justin Bieber Hangs With DJ Khaled And The Cool Kids Once, Immediately Buys Grills

Justin Bieber Hangs With DJ Khaled And The Cool Kids Once, Immediately Buys GrillsJustin Bieber’s presence was demanded at a house party to celebrate life’s blessings with DJ Khaled, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and Quavo. The result was a catchy new track titled “I’m the One” off of Khaled’s upcoming album, but Justin was definitely out of his element. The “Sorry” singer lends lead vocals to the party anthem while he brushes shoulders with some pretty cool dudes in the rap game. The interactions shared between Khaled’s other guests and Justin are worth sticking around for.

Possibly unrelated, but definitely not a stretch to assume otherwise, Justin recently bought himself a rather lavish gift. According to TMZ, the singer dropped somewhere around $15K on a ridiculous rose gold grill. Hang out with Lil Wayne for one afternoon and you walk away with an urge for some bling, apparently.

Check out Justin’s odd feature in DJ Khaled’s new song and video below. As an added bonus, we’ve tossed in footage of Justin’s new set of teeth.

(Photo credits: YouTube and goldteethgod Instagram account)

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Selena Gomez Raps Along To Nick Minaj’s Clapback At Remy Ma

Selena Gomez Jams To Nick Minaj's Clapback At Remy Ma featureNicki Minaj has finally hit back at Remy Ma after two diss tracks aimed at her. Nicki enlisted Drake and Lil Wayne for “No Frauds,” and Selena Gomez loves it.

Video of Selena jamming to the track has people wondering who she was thinking about as she rapped along with Nicki’s verse. “‘Cause I don’t need no frauds,” Selena mirrored Nicki singing. “I don’t need no lies,” she sang while shaking her head. Could Selena’s version of the song have been for Justin Bieber?

Nicki’s collaborator Ariana Grande also loves one of Nicki’s new tracks. “No Frauds” came out as part of a three pack of new tunes from Nicki, and Ari seems to have a soft spot for “Regret In Your Tears.”

Check out Selena rapping below, plus see Ariana’s love for Nicki.

(Photo credits: Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj Instagram accounts)

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