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Selena Gomez Gets Text from a “Cute Guy” during Interview with Ryan Seacrest

Selena Gomez On Air With Ryan SeacrestSelena Gomez is all smiles in her interview yesterday with Ryan Seacrest talking about the cover art for her upcoming album, “Revival.”

At one point during the interview, Selena says that she feels her image on the cover takes bit of its vibe from one her favorite 70’s singers, Linda Ronstadt. Ryan asks what her favorite Linda Ronstadt song is, and she pulls out her phone to search for the exact title. Selena then lights up and says, under her breath, that she just got a text from a cute guy.

Ryan and his co-host instantly start pushing Selena to dish on the mystery guy. But she keeps quiet, only admitting that that the guy has brown hair, “maybe.”

Was it a text from Nick Jonas? Does he even count as having hair at the moment?

In the interview Selena also touches on how Christina Aguilera influenced the album and shares a bit more about her secret Revival fan event.

View the interview below.

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