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Lindsay Lohan Is Taking The Fashion World By…Light Showers

Lindsay Lohan Is Taking The Fashion World By Light Showers featureLindsay Lohan announced a new magazine cover earlier this week. The infamous actress is on “red alert” for the cover of L’Officiel España in a leather and suede Prada jacket. And the new cover for the Spanish spin-off of a major French fashion mag has some talking.

The New York Post put together a timeline of the three magazine covers Lindsay has had in the last three years. Lindsay’s “recent resurgence” is proof that “the camera still loves her,” if you can believe it. This latest industry feather in her cap could mean more fashion work for Lindsay down the road.

That’s only if she can pry herself away from her activist work. It also might depend on whether or not fashion big wigs worry that Lindsay’s partying ways might mean the wrong kind of headlines.

Check out Lindsay’s latest cover below.

(Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan Instagram account)

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