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Selena Gomez’s Doppelgänger Could Probably Confuse The Weeknd

Is This Selena Gomez Look-Alike A Bad Liar featureSelena Gomez is so famous, it’s inevitable that people will copy her style. But one popular Instagrammer from Mexico also appears to be copying Selena’s face. Sofia Solares is getting a ton of hype for looking like Selena in her selfies. The 23 year old has over 222,000 followers on Instagram. While that doesn’t quite compete with Selena’s 125 million, the number is probably swelling as her döppelganger status goes viral.

Sofia doesn’t seem to have any musical aspirations, as many of her posts are sponsored by beauty brands. A Taylor Swift look-alike seems to have only seen good things for her brand as a cosplayer since being discovered.

Check out Sofia’s posts below and decide if she really looks like Selena for yourself.

(Photo credits: Sofia Solares and Selena Gomez Instagram accounts)

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