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“Are You Kidding Me, B*tch?!” Keke Palmer Makes Her Comedy Debut In “That’s The Gag” Web Series

Are You Kidding Me, Bitch Keke Palmer Makes Her Comedy Debut In That's The Gag Web Series featureKeke Palmer has launched her own web series to showcase one of her lesser known talents. The singer and actress has always had a knack for making people laugh, and now she’s apparently ready to get serious about being funny.

In the premiere, Keke arrives for an audition at a Los Angeles casting agency, but the receptionist gives her a hard time because she’s not “top-tier talent.” Lori Beth Denberg of “All That” fame is little help as she only advises Keke to lower the zipper on her top to show a little skin.

The audition gets booked by someone else and Keke gets tossed from the agency’s lobby by a burly security guard while she has a high-energy, profanity-laced freakout. After, a well-meaning fan who doesn’t know Keke catches her in the middle of an identity crisis. Like any aspiring performer with personal issues, Keke decides to follow his advice and start pursuing her new comedy dreams.

The teaser for the next episode has her taking meetings to be in a reality show. But before she even signs on for anything, she’s still just trying figure out why everyone is filming her.

(Photo credit: Keke Palmer YouTube account)

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