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Kendall Jenner Gets Behind The Camera For LOVE Magazine

Kendall Jenner Gets Behind The Camera For LOVE MagazineBack in October, Kendall Jenner was announced as a special contributor to LOVE Magazine’s “social media casting call” for its February issue. Thousands of girls sent in videos to be chosen as one of the 20 finalists to be photographed by Kendall for the #LOVEME17 campaign. The results are in and the individual covers are beginning to roll out. Arianna Hicks, Kaia Gerber and Destiny Anderson snagged the first three releases, which leaves 17 left to look forward to.

Kendall, getting behind the camera for a change, had something to say about photographing Kaia. “I feel like even between the first time I shot her and now she has grown a lot,” she said. “She’s in her prime, both physically and mentally. She’s getting more beautiful, which I did not even think was possible.” Kendall then admits to being a bit intimidated by the girl’s career she’s helping to launch. “We’re all trying to get all our work in now before she hits the scene,” Kendall says. “When that happens we’ll all go broke.”

Take a look at the first three covers shot by Kendall below.

Do you think Kendall has reason to worry about losing her modeling gigs?

(Photo credit: W Magazine Twitter account and  LOVE Magazine Instagram account)

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