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Selena Gomez’s Aussie Admirer Already Has A Girlfriend

selena gomez australian fan boyfriend date love girlfriend interview today showSelena Gomez has her fair share of admirers, but one broke through the crowd last week. An Australian fan named Luke Gordon submitted a question to Selena during a backstage Snapchat Q&A session. He asked Selena if she’d ever consider having an Australian boyfriend. Selena seemed like she might be into it.

Bad news for Sel, though. In an interview with Australia’s “TODAY” show, Luke said he already has a girlfriend. He explained that his query for Selena was a lark he made on his way to work one day. He never expected to hear back from the “Hands To Myself” singer. He probably never expected to have to answer to his girlfriend, either.

Check out what else he had to say about the possibility of dating Selena below.

(Photo/video credits: PortalSelenaBR Twitter account; Top News TV YouTube account)

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