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Niall Horan Roots For Another Boy Band In Los Angeles

Niall Horan Roots For Another Boy Band In Los AngelesEarlier this week, Niall Horan caught up with his good friend and 5 Seconds of Summer member Luke Hemmings. Niall took his support one step further by showing up for 5SOS’s concert Wednesday night at The Forum in Los Angeles. He stayed in the background and tried to blend into the crowd while he cheered on his pals. If the latest rumors of a solo record deal ring true, perhaps the One Direction member was feeling a bit nostalgic about his former boy band days.

Niall Horan Roots For A Boy Band In Los AngelesCheck out photos and video of Niall at the concert below.

(Photo credits: Niall Horan, NJHNEWS and WW1DUpdates Twitter accounts)

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Niall Horan Reunites With Luke Hemmings In Los Angeles

Niall Horan And Luke Hemmings Hang Out In Los Angeles 3The boys of 5 Seconds of Summer have been hanging around Los Angeles for upcoming concerts and Luke Hemmings dipped out to catch up with a good friend Monday night. Niall Horan was spotted driving with Luke to The Nice Guy for an evening of fun. Luke’s girlfriend Arzaylea also joined the boys. Niall shared a few Snapchats with Luke to make sure fans everywhere knew about the reunion.

Take a look at Niall’s Snapchats as well as a brief video from The Nice Guy below.

(Photo credits: sgfgkings and 1dUpdatesOnline Twitter accounts)

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#RIPArzaylea: 5 Seconds Of Summer Fans Wage War On Luke Hemmings’ Girlfriend

ripa at 10A Twitter war is brewing between Arzaylea Rodriguez and the 5 Seconds Of Summer fandom. Rumor has it, 5 Seconds Of Summer “fans” started using the hashtag to protest the relationship between Arzaylea and 5SOS band member Luke Hemmings.

RIPArzaylea 5 Seconds Of Summer Fans Wage War On Luke Hemmings Girlfriend 3

Ironically, the hashtag has continued to trend because fans supporting Arzaylea are trying to get the hate mongering to stop. What started out as a plea for Luke to end his relationship turned into Arzaylea supporters thinking the Tweets were death threats, or worse—confirmation that Arzaylea actually died.

To the disappointment of many 5 Seconds Of Summer fan, Luke and Arzaylea are still together. Neither have commented on the controversy.

Check out more of the puzzling fan reactions to #RIPArzaylea below.

Do you think 5SOS fans went too far?

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#RIPAshley: Did A 5 Seconds of Summer Fan Take Her Own Life?

luke hemmings 5 seconds of summer #RIPAshleyA major controversy is brewing amidst 5 Seconds of Summer fans on Twitter. The hashtag #RIPAshley is being used to remember a fan who wrote several notes to 5SOS frontman Luke Hemmings before taking her own life. But the legitimacy of the notes and the fan’s reported suicide has been called into question as users attempt to debunk what they call a plea for attention.

#RIPAshley 5 seconds of summer reaction tweet

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Luke Hemmings Shows Fans His New Apartment

luke hemmingsYesterday, 5 Seconds of Summer frontman Luke Hemmings shared photos of his new LA apartment on Instagram. In his post, Luke is seen giving the setup two thumbs up. He captioned the set, “Thanks @livingspaces for making Los Angeles feel like a home away from home.”

Check out Luke’s place below.

Do you think this means he’s ready to settle down?

(Photo Credit: Luke Hemmings Instagram Account)

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Luke Hemmings Parties In Bali After 5 Seconds Of Summer’s Controversial Interview

Luke Hemmings Finds A New Way To Use A Pool Float1Overnight, 5 Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings gave Instagram followers an idea as to how he has been spending his vacation in Bali, and sobriety doesn’t seem to be included. Luke’s post shows him and a friend with their tongues out and using a pool raft to hold a few beers.

This photo comes a few days after the release of an ill-received interview the band did with Rolling Stone that exposed a darker side of the band — including how they deal with female fans and their real opinion of Justin Bieber.

Take a look at Luke’s Instagram post below.

(Photo credit: Luke Hemmings Instagram account)

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