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Rihanna’s Niece Gives Herself A Makeover With Her Aunt’s Makeup

Rihanna's Niece Got Into Her Makeup feature majestyRihanna may get a hard time for some of the things she gets up to with her niece, Majesty, but her latest auntie antics happened while she was asleep. Apparently, Majesty waited until Rihanna was in bed to give herself a makeover.

Majesty especially wanted to get her hands on some liquid eyeliner, which she used on her eyes, brows and in a couple other accidental spots on her face. The adorable result was captured by her aunt if only so Majesty can document her progress with cosmetics in the future.

Check out what happened when Majesty got into Rihanna’s makeup stash below.

(Photo credit: Rihanna Instagram account)

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