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Harry Styles Channels His Inner Mary Poppins For “Sign Of The Times” Music Video

Harry Styles Channels His Inner Mary Poppins For Sign Of The Times Music Video featureHarry Styles is trying to get his solo career to lift off with a new music video for his debut single, “Sign of the Times.” The visual has the singer soaring the wilderness and into the sky as he delivers his trademark dour facial expressions. Harry leaned into the windswept vibe for the video, rocking a long coat and letting what’s left of his hair flow in the breeze.

The video might put viewers in mind of another famous British songbird, though. Namely, Julie Andrews in her role Mary Poppins, the singing nanny who could fly with the help of her magical umbrella. It could be another hint from Harry about his Hollywood interests.

Fans were feeling the Mary vibes, as well. A few pointed out the similarities, and one even hoped Mary might fly in some Harry Styles concert tickets.

Check out Harry’s new video below, plus see some of the fan reactions.

Is this video supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? Or would a spoonful of sugar help it go down?

(Photo credit: Harry Styles VEVO YouTube account)

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