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Are Halsey And Ruby Rose A Couple?

Are Halsey and Ruby Rose dating-1It seems like it didn’t take long for Ruby Rose to move on from her ex-fiancée, Phoebe Dahl. The actress was recently spotted with “New Americana” singer Halsey grabbing lunch before heading in to a movie theater in Hollywood.

This isn’t the first time the two women have gotten together. Two weeks ago, Halsey posted a picture to her Instagram account along with the caption, “Well this beautiful thing certainly turned my morning around [heart emoji].”

Halsey and Ruby acknowledging each other on social media is nothing new either. Back in August, the “Orange Is The New Black” star tweeted a simple “hi” to the singer. Halsey responded “hi” back with a heart emoji.

Ruby and Phoebe ended their two-year relationship a week ago, but it’s unclear if Halsey’s single. The singer was rumored to have been starting some type of a relationship with Matt Healy from the British rock band The 1975 while living with her ex-boyfriend, Norwegian producer Lido.

See more photos from Halsey and Ruby’s day together below.

Do you think and Halsey and Ruby are dating?

(Photo credits: Halsey Instagram account and Halseyxupdates Twitter account)

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Taylor Swift And Matt Healy’s Recent Relationship Was FAKED?! Matt ‘It’s All Bloody Fake. It’s A Farce’

taylor-mattTaylor was involved in a FAKE relationship! Taylor Swift put Justin and Selena to shame after The 1975′s Matt Healy told 2DayFM that his relationship to Taylor was all ‘fake’. “It’s fake. It’s all bloody fake. It’s a farce!

Yeah, we met each other, we exchanged numbers in the same way that a lot of people in this kind of world do and we spoke occasionally. And she’s the biggest pop star in the world and I’m in Australia.’ Do YOU think it was a cover relationship for her rumored lesbian relationship with Karlie Kloss?

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Report, Taylor Swift IS Dating Matt Healy And Is NOT Having A Secret Lesbian Affair With Karlie Kloss!

matt-healytaylor-demandTaylor Swift is dating The 1975’s Matt Healy, a source confirmed to Us Weekly, just days after lesbian rumors flared up that she dating and kissing BFF Karlie Kloss.

Taylor, 24, met Healy, 25, backstage at his band’s LA concert. He said: ‘We exchanged numbers. I mean, bloody hell, what am I going to do? Go out with Taylor Swift? ..I wouldn’t say no!’ They are quietly dating:

‘It’s very new and they’re having fun. They’re seeing where things go.’ He sends her frequent texts, as they’re both busy working. Do YOU think that Taylor and Matt are a cute couple of do YOU prefer her with Karlie?

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