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Lea Michele Compares Her Albums To Kids And Really Loves Her Butt In Marie Claire

Lea-Michele-Marie-Claire 1Lea Michele will be on the cover of Marie Claire’s November issue. The 29 year-old singer and actress answered questions bout her upcoming album, her favorite body part, and her struggle to get over the death of boyfriend Cory Monteith.

Apparently, Lea is another young female star for whom confidence is key – at least when it comes to her music. “The problem with the first record,” Lea states in the interview, “was that I would record a song, and then I would get it back from production and it would sound very different … that can be jarring. That’s why I’m more hands-on on this. This is about experience, about confidence. I’m sure it’s like — kids?”

She goes on explain, “The first time around, you’re just kind of winging it. You’re like, ‘I hope I don’t fuck up this kid.’ The second time around, you’re not as intimidated, so you know how to handle each thing,” she adds, “I have a clearer vision.”

Recently Lea was also featured on the cover of Women’s Health, and showed off her defined abs. However, when asked what part of her body she loves the most, Lea didn’t mention her mid-section. “I love my butt,” she tells Marie Claire. “It is a showstopper.”

Later in the interview Lea talks about the death of her boyfriend Cory, who passed away in 2013. “Getting to the other side takes a lot of work … It’s a struggle. When you do, there is happiness there. It’s important to me to keep private some of that process with how I got here. But I am here, I am good.”

Lea’s Marie Claire issue will be on shelves October 20th. We have the full November cover below.

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