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Nick Jonas Is Gearing Up To Release The “Song Of The Summer,” According To Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Is Releasing New Music Very SoonAhead of his performance at Morocco’s Mawazine festival on Thursday, Nick Jonas spoke to reporters about everything on the horizon for his career. As it turns out, Nick didn’t need too much time to recover from a complicated year and its respective album flop because he’s confident his new song is going to be a summer hit.

“I’m working on new music now. I’ve got a new song coming out very soon,” Nick reveals. “I think it’s a good next step for me and I hope it will be a song for the summer—it feels like that kind of vibe.”

It’s hard to say what that summer vibe could translate to, musically speaking. Nick tends to bounce around the genres and even hints of country might not be out of the realm of possibility. In the interview, he also discussed being nominated for a CMT Award with his pal Thomas Rhett and how country music has inspired his career.

“I love country music and I grew up in New Jersey and in Texas, so that Texas element of it all kind of comes out,” he says. “I’ve had many times where country music has been a really huge inspiration for me.”

Check out the interview and a few videos from Nick’s Mawazine performance—which Demi Lovato was kind enough to record—below.

Do you have high hopes for his new single?

(Photo credit: Mawazine Instagram account)

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