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Katy Perry Is Having The Worst Month Ever

Katy Perry Catches Another L On The Cover Of The New York Times featureKaty Perry has sparked another political controversy. Just days after her Barack Obama joke upset many, Katy doubled down on her controversial Met Gala look with an Instagram post featuring the New York Times. Katy’s strange red gown from the event was featured below the fold on the front page of the Times, but she’s catching flak because of another image in the newspaper.

A picture of a police officer set on fire by a molotov cocktail during May Day riots in Paris had many questioning Katy’s judgement in her post. Many expressed outrage and disgust at her decision to apparently hype up her Met Gala look while ignoring the political issues further up in the paper.

Fans quickly rushed to Katy’s defense, claiming that she was being ironic in her post. They said she was actually trying to call attention to the ridiculous fact that her look was on the front page with news of the violence in France.

Was Katy’s post really an eye roll at the Times’ coverage of her dress? Or was she really enjoying a little exposure?

See her post and some comments below and decide for yourself.

(Photo credit: Katy Perry Instagram account)

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