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Lindsay Lohan, Who? Hailee Steinfeld Is Ready To Audition For “Mean Girls 2″

Lindsay Who Hailee Steinfeld Is Ready To Audition For Mean Girls 2 featureChristmas may be over, but Hailee Steinfeld had to get one last celebration in. The singer and actress gave a shout-out to the iconic movie “Mean Girls” on Instagram where she shared a video of herself re-enacting one of the film’s most famous scenes: the “Jingle Bell Rock” performance at the winter talent show.

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Lindsay Lohan Gets The Cold Shoulder From Her Former Co-Stars On #MeanGirlsDay

Lindsay Lohan Uses Mean Girls Day For A Shameless Snapchat Plug While Her Co-Stars Re-Unite featureLindsay Lohan’s favorite holiday is here again. The oft troubled star took a break from her lightweight resurgence in the fashion world to share the image from her smash hit movie “Mean Girls” that includes Tuesday’s date. Lindsay’s character is hopelessly obsessed with the boy who sits in front of her in class, and finally gets a chance to talk to him when he asks what day it is.

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Normani Kordei Finds An Unlikely Way To Cope With Watching “The Notebook” For The First Time

Normani Kordei Finds An Unlikely Way To Cope With Watching The Notebook For The First Time featureAs fans and stars celebrate “Mean Girls” on a very important date, the comedy’s lasting impacts are still evident–maybe most of all in the lives of Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei. The two Fifth Harmony singers drew on “Mean Girls” to help Normani through watching “The Notebook” for the first time.

In a couple of tweets on Monday morning, Lauren shared Normani’s reaction to her first time seeing the heartbreaking romance starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. Apparently, there was only one way that Normani could cope: making the connection in her head between Rachel’s character, Allie, in “The Notebook” and Regina George, the conniving queen bee in “Mean Girls.”

Check out Lauren’s tweets below to see exactly how Normani dealt with the pain in “The Notebook.”

(Photo credits: Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei Twitter accounts)

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Even With Half A Finger Lindsay Lohan Celebrates #MeanGirlsDay

Lindsay Lohan national mean girls day-2Lindsay Lohan has starred in many movies throughout her career, but there is one that will remain one of her best known roles–“Mean Girls.” The actress joined in on the fun that is #MeanGirlsDay” on Monday, thanks to the scene in which Lindsay’s character reminds her crush, Aaron Samuels, what day it is.

The star posted a photo of a text conversation between herself and a friend who kindly asked her what day it was, just like in the movie. “#nationalmeangirlsday #mynailbedssuck,” Lindsay captioned the photo. She also celebrated the social media holiday with a one-handed selfie because she almost lost half of her finger.

See Lindsay’s text response below.

(Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan Instagram account)

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