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Gigi Hadid Apologizes For Crappy Melania Trump Impression After Backlash

Gigi Hadid Apologizes For Melania Trump Impression Amidst Backlash featureGigi Hadid has taken to Twitter to address the backlash over her Melania Trump impression at the American Music Awards on Sunday. The model, who hosted the awards alongside Jay Pharoah, shared a photo of a handwritten note detailing her feelings on reactions to her impression. It was a last ditch effort to save face as many took issue with Gigi’s sendup of President-elect Donald Trump’s wife.

“I removed or changed anything in the script that I felt took the joke too far, and whether or not you choose to see it, what remained was done in good humor and with no bad intent,” Gigi wrote. Gigi went on to say that she’s been in Melania’s shoes herself and that she believes the future First Lady “understands show business” enough to know how the joke made it to air.

Read Gigi’s full apology note below.

(Photo credits: Gigi Hadid Twitter account; Inside Edition YouTube account)

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Gigi Hadid Gets Political In AMAs Opening Monologue

Gigi Hadid Goes In On Melania Trump Impression At AMAsGigi Hadid’s hosting duties at the American Music Awards started with an unexpected move from the model. Co-hosting with “Saturday Night Live” alum Jay Pharoah, Gigi seized the opportunity to try her hand at an impression–one of Jay’s strong suits. Who did Gigi pick for her foray into the classic comedy style?

Gigi’s target was future First Lady Melania Trump, wife of President-elect Donald Trump and noted Miley Cyrus fan. She even made sure to get her face right for her impression. But it was much more than just a look.

Gigi’s lines were a reference to the fact that Melania was accused of plagiarizing Michelle Obama in a speech at this year’s Republican National Convention.

Check out Gigi’s impression below.

Do you think Gigi has a future in comedy?

(Photo credit: Devodid YouTube account)

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WTF Is Miley Cyrus Trying To Say About Melania Trump?

WTF Is Miley Cyrus Trying To Say About Melania Trump? bMiley Cyrus is dividing her fans like she’s a candidate for president. The singer posted an enigmatic screenshot on Twitter and Instagram Wednesday and followers on both platforms are scrambling to figure out what it means.

The mysterious post is a photo of a 2013 tweet from Melania Trump, the wife of President-elect Donald Trump and soon-to-be First Lady. The three-year-old tweet appears to be from the back of a luxury car, where Melania is listening to Miley’s song, “Wrecking Ball.”

“Listening #wreckingball,” Melania wrote, tagging Miley and adding the hashtag “#earlymorning.” Miley posted the screenshot of the tweet after cropping out the date, but she didn’t add any commentary to her post on either Twitter or Instagram.

That left fans to speculate about Miley’s intent. Was she trying to take a shot at the incoming First Lady? Or was she extending an olive branch?

See Miley’s post and some fan reactions below and decide for yourself.

(Photo credits: Miley Cyrus Instagram and Twitter accounts; Melania Trump Instagram account)

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Celebrities React To Melania Trump’s Michelle Obama Moment

Celebrities React To Melania Trump's Michelle Obama MomentMelania Trump’s speech at Monday night’s Republican National Convention incited déjà vu for viewers. Many quickly noticed a striking similarity to Michelle Obama’s speech from the 2008 Democratic National Convention with portions being of obvious replica.

Celebrities like Halsey, Zendaya and Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei weighed in on the baffling incident with both frustration and exhaustion. A video of the two speeches side-by-side circulated social media, which the stars also shared.

Check out some of the reactions below.

(Photo credits: Marie Claire, Halsey, DearYouFromWe, Zendaya and Normani Kordei Twitter accounts, Zendaya Instagram account)

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