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Louis Tomlinson Kissing Tall Mystery Girl After Announcing Eleanor Calder Breakup, Released To Deflect Attention From Zayn Malik Quitting 1D Tour?


Louis Tomlinson pictured kissing a tall mystery girl after releasing the information that he has broken up with Eleanor Calder. Larry Stylinson fans immediately thought that Louis broke up with her to with Harry Styles, but if you look more closely at the situation is appears the Louis breakup/ hookup was released to deflect attention from Zayn quitting the 1D tour leaving thousands of fans in pain.

UPDATE: The girl was in the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ music video!
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Zayn Malik Quit One Direction Tour Over Cheating Rumors According To His Sister Safaa

zayn-quitUPDATE: The Safaa Instagram account is supposedly fake fan account!

Zayn Malik’s sister Safaa Instagrammed: ‘Don’t worry guys, Zayn is going to be okay very soon. All the stress has just gotten to him because of the rumours and hatred he has heard and received, It’s really hurting him, some people are just giving him to much.

People need to realize my brother is human to, stop hating him because he hasn’t done anything to anybody, except for defending himself because of what people heard of what he did, but it isn’t true.

I love my brother to death, & I do not want to lose him for anything, it hurts me to see him not feeling good. Please pray for my brother, please help him because I know he will be okay❤️ please stop sending him hate and getting on him for what he has ‘did’.

Source told People: ‘Zayn is exhausted and just needs a break. Out of everyone of the boys, he’s the one who struggles dealing with being in the spotlight the most. He can’t cope with the level of scrutiny he gets put under. He’s just 22.’
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Insider ‘Selena Gomez Drinks And Just Sits There Staring Off Into Space And Crying’

selena-gomez-crying0-Justin Bieber not defending comments about Selena Gomez’s sexual promiscuity at Comedy Central’s Roast reportedly triggered her back into her pre-rehab lifestyle of drinking and partying (She needs Demi’s help again!). An insider close to Selena’s circle revealed to CDL:

‘Since the roast was filmed, Selena has been a wreck. She has partied every single night, she sleeps like the entire day away and then goes out and drinks and sits there staring off into space or crying. Everyone is scared she is going to wind up back in rehab.’

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Zayn Malik Quits One Direction Tour!

zayn-quitshpmmsShit just got real! Simon Jone: ‘1D statement: Zayn has been signed off with stress and is flying back to the UK to recuperate. The band wish him well and will continue with their performances in Manila and Jakarta.’

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Selena Gomez Cried About Justin Bieber At Taylor Swift’s Birthday Party, Is That The Reason For Her Face Bloating?

selena-gomez-bloated2crySelena Gomez cried about Justin Bieber at Taylor Swift’s birthday party at her Tribeca apartment on Friday, Dec. 13, reports Us Weekly. They drank beer and ate pizza and sushi. Insider: ‘She shouted, ‘No one understands me! My boyfriend doesn’t even understand me. People including Sam Smith just stared [at her].’
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‘Kylie Jenner At Breaking Point Over Plastic Surgery Allegations & Being Surrounded By Self-Obsessed, Fame-Hungry Women.’

kylie-boobsKylie Jenner is heading toward an emotional breakdown similar to Selena Gomez, reports NOW magazine. Insider: ‘The talk around Hollywood is that she’s the latest child star in crisis. She’s trying to put on a tough front, but it’s not working. She’s just not coping well with her parents’ split and she’s close to breaking point over the [plastic surgery] allegations.

She’s a very confused young lady who’s desperately trying to find her own identity in her crazy world, surrounded by self-obsessed, fame-hungry women. She’s convinced her lips can set her apart from her sisters and even has plans to launch her own make-up range one day,

But in the meantime her friends are trying to convince her she’s going way too far. If someone doesn’t step in, she could end up like those child stars who’ve taken the surgery too far and have been through the mill emotionally and physically.’
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