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Queen Of Sobriety Demi Lovato Is Looking For Her New Addiction On “Sexy Dirty Love”

Queen Of Sobriety Demi Lovato Is Looking For Her New Addiction On Sexy Dirty Love featureDemi Lovato has dropped another song off of her upcoming album, “Tell Me You Love Me.” The follow-up to “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” is a little more uptempo and danceable, but it revolves around similar themes. Demi said that ballad was about her past self before her sobriety, and her new track revolves around similar themes of addiction and mental illness.

“You got me so high,” the chorus of the track begins. Demi is working the “love is a drug” metaphors for all they’re worth in the track, as she also sings, “Baby, be my new addiction / Intoxicate me gently with your loving.” It’s an interesting lyrical direction for a woman so committed to her sobriety. Projecting that kind of addictive mindset onto a relationship seems dangerous.

But addiction isn’t the only one of Demi’s regular talking points she’s using for lyrics. The outspoken mental health advocate also sings about her prospective lover trigger her mental illness: “Whispering through your phone, now you’re driving me insane / It’s like you’re getting off on messing with my sanity.”

Demi may not want to talk sex in her interviews, but you can hear her new song all about sex below.

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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