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Beyoncé Slapped With $20 Million Lawsuit Over “Formation” Samples

Beyonce Sued For $20 Million Over Formation SamplesBeyoncé is getting sued again. This time, the lawsuit is over a couple of samples Beyoncé used in her hit song “Formation.” Beyoncé is being sued by Angel Barre, the sister of Messy Mya, a New Orleans rapper and comedian who Beyoncé sampled in her track.

The lawsuit reportedly alleges that Beyoncé used Messy’s “voice, performance and words from his copyrighted works to create the tone, mood, setting and location of the New Orleans-themed ‘Formation’ video and audio recordings,” but didn’t get permission to do so.

Messy was murdered in 2010. His sister has filed the suit claiming that Beyoncé infringed on his copyright by using his work in the song “Formation,” on the visual album “Lemonade” and during “The Formation World Tour. Angel wants $20 million in damages, royalty payments and credits for Messy as a writer, composer, producer and performer. But it sound like there’s more at stake for Messy’s sister than just that.

According to the suit, the case is also about damages to Messy’s “reputation and credibility as an independent artist who worked alone and did not endorse popular singers.”

Listen to Formation below, and listen for the samples in the Messy Mya video named in the lawsuit.

(Photo credit: Beyoncé Vevo YouTube account)

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