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Halsey Speaks Out Against President Donald Trump’s Global Gag Rule

Halsey Speaks Out Against President Donald Trump's Global Gag Rule featureHalsey took a break from her album promotion to speak out about a presidential policy shift. The singer teamed up with Art Not War for a video speaking out against the Global Gag Rule Donald Trump reinstated in the days immediately following his inauguration. The policy means that any nonprofit organization operating outside of the U.S. is prohibited from providing education about abortion.

“Trump took a failed, deadly policy first introduced by the Reagan administration and rescinded by every Democratic president since and made it worse,” Halsey said in the video. “The gag rules shuts down funding for services like HIV prevention or contraception if providers so much as advise a patient on where to get an abortion. But Donald Trump’s version goes even further, denying all global assistance, including programs that address infectious diseases like Malaria, Zika and now even HIV.” Halsey said the result of this policy is simple: “Women die.”

She went on to discuss The Global Her Act, a new piece of legislation designed to fight the Gag Rule internationally and protect the U.S. from similar legislation the administration might bring. It’s the latest form of political activism from the “Now or Never” singer.

Watch the video below.

(Photo credit: Art Not War Vimeo account)

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