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Mia Isabella Calls Tyga Out on Instagram

MiaIsabellaThreatensTygaOnInstagramMia Isabella is still refusing to fade from the scene quietly. The transgender actress spent time this week aiming comments at rapper Tyga on social media, tweeting “I’m DEFINITELY going to be clearing the air ASAP.”

Back in July, Tyga was accused of cheating on rumored girlfriend Kylie Jenner with Mia, when nude selfies and raunchy texts allegedly exchanged between Tyga and Mia were leaked to the press. Tyga’s team admitted that the nude selfies were genuine, but suggested that they had not been sent by the rapper to Mia directly, and must have been hacked or otherwise improperly acquired. The team then initially made a big deal about wanting to track down the source of the leak, but little has apparently happened since allegations first appeared in the press.

After making some further vague comments on her social media accounts, Mia shared a photo on her Instagram account with a screenshot of an earlier tweet that she had posted showing a Daily Mail cover with the headline “Tyga Sexting Scandal Causes Rift With Kylie!” Mia captioned the Instagram post, “Ironic…. ‘Be careful of wolves playing sheep when they are guilty of disguising to get close enough to eat’ #MiaIsabella”.

And then she further directed one of her most specific statements to date on the situation right at Tyga “@Tyga funny how your team created a fake witch hunt so you looked the victim when in fact your guilty and I’m the victim.”

See the social media posts below.

Do you think Tyga will be successful in his strategy of ignoring Mia and hoping the situation fades away from public view?

(Photo Credit: Mia Isabella’s Instagram account)

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A New Wrinkle? Tyga Reportedly Requests FBI Investigation into Compromising Selfies

USA - Live Perfomances from "Furious 7" Soundtrack - Los AngelesTMZ is reporting that Tyga’s legal team has confirmed that they have notified the FBI today about the nude pictures that appeared on B. Scott’s website earlier this week. TMZ reports that Tyga’s attorney, Lee Hutton, went to the FBI because he believes that the leaked images were hacked either from Tyga directly, or from someone else with whom Tyga knowingly shared the images.

Tyga’s attorney also confirmed with TMZ that his team now has a copy of the original email that alerted B. Scott to the compromising pictures and texts. Tyga’s legal team is apparently attempting to use this email to help trace where the allegedly hacked image files came from.

TMZ finally reports that it contacted a rep for Mia Isabella, the actress at the center of the alleged scandal, and that the rep stated Mia had nothing to do with the sending of images or text to the media. Moreover, the rep indicated that Mia is willing to work with Tyga and Federal authorities in any investigation.

While these reports demonstrate that Tyga is taking the situation seriously, they do leave open the possibility that there was an affair, and simply that Mia Isabella was not the person who leaked the nude pics. The reports may also indicate a legal and PR team in full damage-control mode

At this point, we’ve heard from Tyga, Tyga’s attorney and Mia Isabella. The media has not yet heard from Tyga’s significant other, Kylie Jenner. However, one can’t help but wonder what the conversations are like between Tyga and Kylie right now.

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