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Shocking! Niall Horan’s Rumored Album Artwork Is A Total Snooze

Shocking! Niall Horan's Rumored Album Artwork Is A Total SnoozeNiall Horan shared one simple image on Instagram and fans went into a frenzy. It depicts his initials in a black and white circular logo, which is hardly something to get excited about even if the image is his album’s cover art. Fans quickly assumed the photo is affiliated with his impending solo album, which, according to a new Most Requested Live interview, Niall is more than eager to release as long as his cousin approves.

“I’ll come home from the studio, I’ll have made a track, and I’ll play it for him,” Niall says of his cousin/housemate. “He’s got a good ear.

Despite the clues of its completion—like the possible album artwork unveiling—Niall still doesn’t have all the answers, especially where collaborations are concerned.

“I’d love to think so,” Niall says when asked if the album will feature guests. “I’ve got a couple of songs that could potentially be, and there’s one in particular. I’ve been listening around, and coming up with some ideas.

Take a peek at what could be Niall’s album artwork and listen to his full interview below.

(Photo credit: westallenkiss Twitter account)

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Noah Cyrus Names A Fan’s Dog On The Condition That He Sends Photos

Noah Cyrus Names A Fan's Dog, Demands Pictures STATNoah Cyrus recently sat down with Total Request Live to answer burning questions from fans. She may or may not have plans to collaborate with her big sister Miley Cyrus in the future and she definitely doesn’t know what color Billy Ray Cyrus’ hair is, but she will name your dog if you ask her.

One fan wrote in a question, asking Noah to take charge of naming the “cutest female collie” he just bought. The request threw her for a loop and she embarked on a scattered rant.

“Is ‘Lassie’ just not a thing anymore? Is ‘Lassie’ a boy or a girl? I can’t remember,” she says. “I mean obviously you could go with Noah.”

Feeling the pressure, Noah continues despite wishing she had a picture of the dog.

“Like I can’t believe you’re trusting me with this,” she says before finally deciding. “I think Rosie is a cute name for a collie. Let’s go with Rosie.”

Satisfied, she moves on to the next question. She calmly, yet hilariously interrupts herself mid-sentence.”Ok, also, can you please send me a picture of Rosie on Twitter? I’d love to see her,” she asks.

Check out Noah’s full interview below and Matt from Rhode Island, send over those pictures of Rosie.

(Photo credit: Cyrusofficials Twitter accounts)

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Lady Gaga Is Super Ready For A Zombie Apocalypse

Lady Gaga Is Super Ready For A Zombie ApocalypseLady Gaga stopped by iHeartRadio’s “Most Requested Live” on Saturday. The singer discussed her experience with bullying, tacos and how she’d handle a zombie apocalypse. Lady Gaga also divulged timely advice from one of her favorite friends, Tony Bennett. “You’ve just gotta keep going, you know, straight ahead. That’s what Tony Bennett always says to me,” she claims.

The process of going “straight ahead” seemed to always come naturally for Lady Gaga. “In high school, I used to actually always give compliments to the girl that bullied me, and it really annoyed her,” she says. “I used to go, ‘Your hair looks great today,’ because she was so mean to me. Or I’d say, ‘Oh, I heard you got a job! Congratulations!’ and she would be so mad because she was always so mean.”

Taco Tuesday is a cherished day of the week for many and Lady Gaga is no exception. “We have partaken in Taco Tuesdays. I think tacos are okay any day of the week,” Gaga says. Another aspect of popular culture that the singer is supremely aware of is the idea of an impending zombie takeover. She is more ready than most and she would quite literally fight fire with fire. “I think I’d look for zombie costumes to give my friends so we could all pretend we’re zombies so they don’t eat us,” she says. “I mean that’s the way to go. My weapon is I would just start eating people, so they don’t eat me.”

Check out her full interview below.

(Photo credit: MTV Twitter account)

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