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Ariana Grande, Chloë Grace Moretz And Keke Palmer Wish Their Moms A Happy Mother’s Day

Ariana Grande, Chloe Grace Moretz And Keke Palmer Wish Their Moms A Happy Mother's Day featureSunday, stars took to social media to share their love for their moms. Ariana Grande gave a special shoutout to her mom, Joan Grande, writing that every day is her day as far as Ariana is concerned. She included a pic of herself as a toddler.

Chloë Grace Moretz took to Instagram to show off how much her mom was enjoying the gift Chloë got her. Apparently, Teri Duke Moretz was in love with the Coach fragrance Chloë’s was in a campaign for, so Chloë got her a bottle. The actress shared a video of her mom spritzing herself with the new bottle of perfume, using the hashtag “#ForgetFlowers.” Who needs to buy a gift when your sponsor can just give you one?

Keke Palmer was hanging with her mom on Saturday when she recorded a new video directed at one of her exes who she said was trying to make her jealous. After explaining that she couldn’t be jealous of trash, Keke retweeted a fan who pointed out that her mom was “not bothered” in the vid. Keke said it’s because her mom is “gagged too.”

Check out posts from Ariana Chloë and Keke below.

(Photo credits: Ariana Grander, Keke Palmer and Chloë Grace Moretz Instagram accounts)

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Charlie Puth, Lorde And More Honor Their Moms On Mother’s Day

Charlie Puth, Lorde And More Honor Their Moms On Mother's DayToday is the day to honor mothers for all that they do. While you’re pampering your own, celebrities are also paying tribute to theirs. Stars with families of their own, like Kevin Jonas, are also sending love to their wives who have become mothers.

See how some of your favorite celebs are celebrating their moms below.

(Photo credit: Charlie Puth, Lorde, Lea Michele, Kevin Jonas, Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara and Ariana Grande Instagram accounts)

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