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Struggling Solo Artist Louis Tomlinson Misses The Easy Fun Of His One Direction Days

Louis Tomlinson Misses The Easy Fun Of His One Direction Days As He Embarks On Difficult Solo Career featureLouis Tomlinson sat down with MTV to answer some fan questions about his songwriting, his fame and the differences between being a member of One Direction and being a solo artist. The “Back to You” singer’s confidence has been surging in recent interviews, but that doesn’t mean he’s afraid to keep it real when asked about his past, present and future.

“It’s definitely a lot harder,” Louis said of being a solo artist. “I’m sure everyone would say that.”When we first went into the band, you know, we were very young and we all got on so well that we felt kind of impenetrable at that time. So, I think, naturally as you got older and also now I’m out on me own, you feel the pressures more, I suppose. I don’t think either is better or worse.”

There is one big difference Louis has noticed, though.

“In terms of fun, of course it’s got to be more fun when you’re in the band and you’ve got people to share it with,” he shared.

Louis also discussed regretting his tattoos and his hopes for his upcoming album.

Watch Louis’ interview below.

(Photo credit: MTV International YouTube account)

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